Before my eyes close :-)

Tommorow is the day. I’m going to enter the operation-theater where everything will be dark and turn to white.

I told someone i had a blood transfusion. Maybe i lied to her about it but this for her own good. I bet she’s happy now while last nite i’m sitting at the beachside for several hours. Thinking about her and the future. I made one decision, ‘I LET HER GO’.

I Love her so much but it’s time for me to go and let her go on with her life. Dear, sometimes love ain’t enough,sometimes one love must die just to make her love one happy and not feeling mistreated,sad,guilty.

I’m packing-up all my stuff now. I only wanna bring her photo with me. Let it be the only thing with me ’til the end. I don’t when will we meet again. If God pick me to Heaven, i’ll wait for her there. Please God, please fulfill my wish if i’m not waking up again. Amen.

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