Tuesday and Today stories


Wow! tommorow will be a public holiday for Borneo. No Malaysia with us. Who knows if we not joining the Federation of Malayland, we’ll be a Republic Of North Borneo. hahaha.. i don’t try provoking any “high-IQ” mind here. Down here is a historical flag of Sabah before and after Malaysia. (*notes: leeched from puadede.com)

See… the evolutions of our lovely State Flag. Happy Malaysia Day everyone :-). I’m proud to be Sabahan. Yesterday, i went out with my girlfriend Heidi (NOT Special GF okay!!!). She like a sister to me and we sing together in a band before. I love and admire her voice. Before we enter the movie hall, i’m having my lunch at Secret Recipe, Center Point, I’m totally hungry like a beast uurrrghhhh.

Apple Juice with Beef Lasagna

We watched “The Ugly Truth” movie. It’s an adult comedy which featured lots of vulgar language. Surprisingly, Gerard Butler the guy from action movies “300” and “Gamer” can be good comedian here. That’s why i love theater actor. He’s with Katherine Heigl the Australian beauty in this film. Better watch this guy. Highly recommended but not for kids okay or school children. haha.

After the movie, i’m rushing home because need to attend a dinner with friends and families at Imperial Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.. as usual, all the dishes totally magnificent.. (*say thanks to you Dad, Dino also Chef Mawi). It’s a wonderful nite and suddenly i feel headache again :-(.. i only managed to take one photo from last nite 🙂

Hope you all get hungry… hahahha the dinner almost finish and here i am at San Francisco Coffee waiting for my friend :-).. gtg now

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