48 Hours Before Eid

This post suppose to be made on Friday.. but due to some problem (my body aching again terribly). That day, i went out to buy some dvd and cd but it seems the town of KK look very crowded. I hate crowded places actually. I feel breathless inside the busy place and i’m claustrophobic..

First of all i went to Quiksilver just to check out some new stuff … but nothing impress me at all. It’s all new design and i hate new look or style. I love the old and classy one.. (i’m jaded Quiksilver fan). So there, i picked the latest Bandwidth magazine (i took about 6 copies of it and Ridhy allowed me to do so). Everyone seems so busy shopping but not me.. i don’t like shopping before festival… i love to shop when there’s nothing to celebrate. So, i met my friend (Quiksilver ex-staff) Jeremy..
So, here my friend Jeremy.. we went to the McD after he asking for my idea which we wanna go for eat. I asked him if he had any other programme.. he said he need to see his ex. Wow…

He such a wonderful guy.. and anyone of you wanna try to “Buaya” him, just drop me a msg.. hahaha (i becoming a pimp now.. ;p). Well, i ordered Big Mac with a Coke while he… hmmm i forgot…

And after 20 minutes, his ex arrive with a smile.. a wonderful smile from so-called ex. Everyone should try this anyway. I had whispered to him “Hey dude! your ex still in Love with you”… “oh yeah!” he said.. “yeah man.. i can see it from her eyes”.. he just look at me with puzzle look. His ex really look cute and pretty though even she’s petite.. that’s the way she look so cute.. and she already had a new boyfriend but the new one seem nice to Jeremy… maybe just want to show he’s a good guy or scared of Jeremy and me because both of us taller than him… *giggles*.

Well, this is my meal that day;

Look delicious isn’t it.. i’m not McD fan actually.. i’m more like a Burger King guy.. well after finish the chit chat, i’m asking a favour from Jeremy to get me a Harold & Kumar-Going to White Castle, and he promised me it’ll be on wednesday. Can’t wait for it as i still on holiday.. Well if you want a copy of the bandwidth magazine that i read, donwload it here for free ..

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