The Walking Dead "some-some" Review

*Note: This suppose posted last week on Monday ..hehe
I need to take a whole day rest yesterday. ear still feeling bit hurt.. maybe it’s “consuming” lots of noise last Saturday. Next time i better bring along an ear plug. It’s early in the morning and i’m still on my bed after last nite i spread a mass-invitation via facebook to all my friends in my network. Maybe some people thought that i just so ridiculous inviting some that can’t coming down to the event. For me, it’s only matter of promotions. I want everyone in this world knows about Army Of Friends a non-profit team who want to create a great music scene here in Sabah. Especially in Kota Kinabalu.

I read an sms on my phone, there’s Ramon’s msg asking me to go down early to the bar. I don’t know why but i reply to him that i need to do something important first. Saturday weather looks very fine. Not really hot and not cold. It’s cloudy. I expect many crowds will shows up during the gig. I arrived at the bar around 12 pm and i saw many peoples like waiting.. Ah… i forgot.. the gig suppose to start around 11.30 am. “Ramon, bila mau start?”, “Tunggu band dulu semua datang” look like some bands still not shows up. *sigh*… Don’t they have alarm clock? I don’t want to mention which band.. “sapa rasa pedas, dialah yang cari air”.. By the way,
i’m also late but i had my own strong excuses. I know Ramon understand my situation.

Some of the bands still soundchecked and i don’t wanna miss to creating such a stupid noise… hahahahahahaha.. Salute to Luther “Gazebo” he is the one who can make a pig sounds… it’s sounds like Chris Reifert from Autopsy..

Luther “Gazebo” on drum

Ramon instruct me to mentioned no to smokes inside the premise during the gig but i know that kind of instruction may ignored. The shows only start at 2.00 pm and it’s really late. Outfall suppose to be the first band to perfom but cancel due to some time management issue. Carry on with grindcore band so called 3rd Dice. I know some of them in a band called Morra and “i don’t know”. They start creates one chaos view and noise.. wew.. if you there, i’m sure you know.

Go to the next band, they’re from Lahad Datu which named their band Scream From The Small Town. They play Death Core style ala Suicide Silence. This genre quiet popular nowadays expecially after most of Metal Core band became a sold-out band and being fuck-up by most metalhead..huh… who cares anyway, rite? Eventhough they from Lahad Datu but they handle the instrument in profesional way. You can hear high-voltage riffs here and there. Moshable songs indeed. Don’t believe me? Look at this video:

I remember the face of the crowd that time; look anxious, excited, full expectation.:

Maybe you can see some familiar faces from these 3 photos. hahahaha.. I can see Greg face. He looks so proud and happy. I can’t remember the whole bands according to the list. It’s because there’s a messed up during earlier. They suppose to give briefing to the bands before playing. Hmmm… i expect this stuff will never happen but at last it’s happen. So, i’m actually feel excited at first on the Lahad Datu’s band but they took a long time to perform and it makes me feel bored with them. “Kalau you all want to play in long hour, next time write many original composition and make your own concert..FAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Maybe they gain experience from “orang kahwin” band in Lahad Datu so that’s why they can’t even think which better for a others. Your long and “enjoyable” makes me forgot the whole things until now. *sigh*

The handcuff band performance really amazing especially while Sam on drums. He knows to control every beat with a good tempo. Mega salutations to “sifoo” of Drum..

There’re lots good musicians in six feet underground scene. Much more better than any pop musicians appeared in our scene nowadays. Some of them good but have shittiest attitude compare to the underground kids who wanted to remain anonymous. They never listen to other what song they want to make and what sound they want to take. It’s all sincere from their heart.

Tone Fail For Destruction is another band playing ala Dilinger Escape Plan with lots of *7 notes while playing (*7 usually using by Jazz Musicians). You don’t know what it is? Go enroll yourself at SIA or School Of Rock at Musicmart. It makes the crowd go crazier.. but some of them just quiet because they were too listening to the skillful riff.

The scene really need this. Not only the effort but the knowledge and skills in music. So, the narrow minded pro musicians will never say bad things about us. They’ll thinking “uhhh…they much more better than us who keep chasing a ‘bohsia’ all the times” or “wow! they’re good more better than the “others” “. I imagine that one day people will look high on us. It’s an art and not everyone can growl and perform at same time. Like Melissa Cross says, not everyone can scream, grunt, growl. Most of this type of vocalists have their own big larynx and they capable sing in other kind of music as well. It’s not same like a wearing tampon or inserting your “dickhead” inside a pussy.. it’s hard… you know.

Sentence To Burn inside the above video. They’re band from Brunei. Sorry.. my brain really numb now. I can’t remember the whole setlist that day. But the last band that day is Cannibal Landlord from Miri, Sarawak. and the gig dismissed at 8 pm.. 

Can’t wait for a next gig on 7th November.. i will up the promo flyer soon. For more info, you all can visit at; (Myspace)

Au Revoir for now.. see ya all next time. hahaha… quiet sleepy now *yawn*

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