Malaysian Radio V3

This radio has been spreaded all over internet like a disease but not all knows about this. Here is the radio that i found yesterday;

The list of radio stations inside this shareware such as;
1-Sabah VFM
2-Sabah FM
4-Mix FM
5-Lite FM
6-Jazz UK FM
8-VOM (Voice Of Malaysia – Tagalog Language)
9-Muzik FM
10-MY FM
and many more..

Well, now you all can download the radio. It works on your PC/Laptop with an internet connection. Must have an Internet connection. If not, you still can hear your neighbour talking about their chicken or bitchy daughter. No password and No viruses here. Please give a comment on this post as a response from you for anything. If you found it error, tell me. Please click the “Download” below. Thanks.

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