MYM Help The Zamboanga City For The Award

I don’t know until when some people in this world labelling Islam or Muslim Ummah as a terrorist. This narrow minded should be stop and i ask the person to go to the library or stay in school first. Look at what some good example being given by some Islam fellows from Zamboanga City. MYM or Muslim Youth Movement is one Non-Government Organisation based in Philippines (Correct me if i’m wrong).

Here one article that really catch my eyes to read further;

       (photo leech from the article itself)

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines/25 August 2009 by Sheila Covarrubias–The Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Inc. (ALSWDOPI) will formally confer on Mayor Celso Lobregat tomorrow, the Gawad Parangal Award as Outstanding City Mayor for 2009 for exemplary implementation o f social welfare programs in 2008.
The awarding rite will be held at the Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel in Manila, as part of the opening ceremony of the 13th National Social Welfare and Development Forum.
Lobregat will be accompanied by City Social Welfare Officer Francisco Barredo during the awarding ceremony.
Mayor Lobregat’s award is the second in two years’ time. Last year, Lobregat was also conferred with similar award for outstanding implementation of social welfare programs in 2007, besting other mayors in highly urbanized cities in Mindanao.
Other awardees this year are the Legaspi City Mayor for Luzon area, no one qualified for the Visayas area; the municipal mayors of Bulacan, Ilo-ilo and Zamboanga del Norte and the Laguna governor, who is now elevated to the Hall of Fame, being a third time awardee.
The selection of outstanding local government executives by the ALSWDOPI takes into consideration how the nominated official projected or manifested his virtues in civic consciousness, vision, leadership/ innovativeness, love and concern and community and more importantly his dynamism and dedication as a leader.

Lobregat is cited for his “excellent support to the implementation of social welfare and development programs in the locality”.

Implementation of social services is one of the priority programs of the present administration, proof of this is the huge allocation for social welfare programs every year.
Because of sound fiscal management, Social Services takes the biggest slice in the city’s budget since 2007 allowing the city government to undertake varied and numerous social welfare programs for the well being of the people specially the indigent sector. (Sheila Covarrubias)


This activities had supports the Zamboanga City mayor won the Gawad Parangal Award as Outstanding City Mayor for 2009 for exemplary implementation of social welfare programs in 2008. Maybe they can win again next year. MYM should be an example for all Islam/Muslim around the world especially here in Malaysia. Congratulations Muslim Youth Movement and maybe if this movement in Malaysia, they all can win the Hari Belia Negara title as “Belia Contoh”.

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