Facebook oh Facebook

It’s nearly a month now and it seems there’s lots of problem with facebook. It’s happened after Eid Fitr celebrations. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg forgot about his server password and he can’t reboot it because of too much having rendang and ketupat.Too much eating can make you forget and become sleepy.
I can’t login sometimes via computer but can do it via cellphone through http://m.facebook.com an application for mobility and sometimes i can’t connect with both of it.*sigh* At least Mark technician doing something about it quickly. Facebook is one most popular networking site in the world and being put in first rank in the last few years with around USD3 Million/Yearly gross revenue. Wow!!!

But correct me if i’m wrong with that. They should be no problem for them to solve it. In the same times, facebook also given many spaces for bloggers, businessman, politicians (to promote themselves), friends or a loner (who try to find couple or sex partner on the net??!!!). Just imagine if there’s no action from the facebook tech? Shall we going back to friendster? If me, HELL NO!!! Friendster only for kids eventhough too many games application on facebook now but some of them might enjoyable and we can watch anime also especially Naruto (I’m an anime and manga fan. Not including hentai ssshhhhh..).

Look at what my login page (double click for larger view);

and if i can login, the session always expire and sometimes my friends all gone. Also i have no recent posts. Some my friends thinking that his account being hacked and he became really panic about it.

There’s one new trend nowadays. People won’t asking someones phone number anymore. They will ask for facebook *wink*
Just imagine one guy asking for a girl fb account so they can connect? The guy can use most of the flirting applications. And most of girls nowadays don’t really want with a big brain and gentlemen anymore. They prefer a guy who can flirt with them and “equip”. If you know what i mean.
Anyway, Mark please fix this things up because i really need to play Naruto… uuwaaaaaaa…..

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