Malay or Pinoy?

I overheard someone yelling at the corner or saying bad stuff about pinoy since i was little boy. “Pilak!, Pilak!” or “apa ni anak pelipin!” it’s an obvious words i heard. They don’t even know what’s “pilak” means. Pilak means Pera or money. That means it’s like praying for all pinoy to earn more money. Remember, be careful what you wish for. Eventhough you say you all put it in different meaning. But the fact is, it still money. I don’t say all pinoy who came here to do bad things. Not all good and not all bad. Look at some of us Malay (whatever race they are, we all still Malay as long you holding Malaysian ID.. we’ve being called Malay same like Filipino with Filipino’s ID being called pinoy don’t care if you’re chinese or indian), look around us, from the soldiers hang out and wooing some girls outside Centre Point Mall in Kota Kinabalu. It’s not a good example though. Even some of our Malay people acting like from other “countries”. Pity on us.

The purpose i blog this just because i can’t stand it anymore. Lots of shitty talk about pinoy everyday. I still remember some of my cousin said “apa ni anak pelipin!” when i was small boy. Eventhough i’m “anak pelipin” do i ever ask money from your family? or have i ever ask for bowl of rice when we lived in a small hut? Hell NO!!. It’s all about struggling for living. Maybe it’s already runs in my blood that we’ll never asking from people. If you saw a beggars sitting outside the shop in KK, it’s not the pinoy. They’re the badjaos being deported by slaves trader during feudal era by the taosug, bangingi and iranun peoples in southern Philippines. They actually came from the Straits of Malacca. Remember the Parameswara story? If you don’t remember, go back to school. Parameswara met “orang laut” near the Malacca straits. FYI, that’s  the badjaos people.

I’m a Malaysian (Malay) with Pinoy’s blood. My beloved mum is a Dusun. WTF (Who the faggots) wanna care if i’m saying this?! Judge yourself before judging the others. I’m proud of my Pinoy and Malay heritage. I’m putting Jose Rizal’s spirit inside my heart everywhere i go but in the same time, i still practising what came from the Rukun Negara and proud for being a Malaysian who lived in the state so called Sabah. I know lots of Malaysian rather remembering Beyonce’s lyrics than the Rukun Negara. Remember, respect yourself and then you will learn about how to respect others.

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