One & Co (Good Fusion-Jazz Band)

As a promise to my friend Ridzwan aka Wan, i wanted to promote his band on my blog. This isn’t about this band sucks and i’d being forced to promote them. No compensate taken for this. This is all for free because i’m his fan and a friend. His music really great. I know one good jazz guitarist named Roger Wang. His really good jazz guitarist here in Sabah. I even compare him with Peter White. I said to him directly and he as usual a very humble person. I like his style.

Wan actually came from same college as i am Institut Teknologi Mara (Mara Institute of Technology) in 90’s. While i was “graduated earlier” and he still in college.. He’s my senior and also play with band so called NPM (Neurotic Punk Metal? correct me if i’m wrong) I saw him play at the gig several times here in Kota Kinabalu.
He also opened a studio for jam and recording before in Asia City area also in Kota Kinabalu. After a long struggle with a pub band anywhere in Malaysia, his now ready to explore new era so call a progression on music playing. This is it, a fusion-jazz music from him with his band.They just finished recording but still raw he said. Without any bassline..he must be joking. But this is too good. Highly recommended for any fan of jazz music and good music. This just great and i don’t think you can listen to this on Era, Hitz and some other crap radio stations excluding Mix, Lite, Jazz hahaha.

Here i embed the player from ReverbNation (just switch-off my radio at right bottom of this page);

For more info visit;

please spread the words and tell everyone how good he is and don’t forget to leave a comment about what you feel and think about his music.

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