Sabahan Blogger "Horror" Gathering 2009

I saw a “pocong”, pontianak, andevil (Angel + Devil), Horny Homo-Sapien (i don’t say the other “horny”). The place so gloomy last nite with very windy while the rain pouring down outside..ahhhh… makes me wanna run away from the Imperial Building.

I arrived late around 8.00 pm something and the party already started and i’m starving. I’m directly went to the buffet table. There in line of people taking their foods. And i met somebody and his face quiet familiar. He look like a person from Kumar at House No. 42. hahaha That’s Shariff as Bengali Bill. His accent also change. Look real to me. Many people well dress-up last nite. But for me, at first i plan to come as a psychotic rapist but something forbids me from doing that.hehehe. And second plan, i wanna come as a illegal DVD trader. But also can’t do it loorr.. wahh.. so much planning but no action. What’s wrong with me *dush dush*.
I really love the gloomy and dark scenario surrounding during the event. Maybe i was borned into the darkside. The only things i don’t like (once again) is the Pocong… waaahhhh… I confess that i encounter that “thing” before. I can’t even saw the face but it’s jump high above the ground. It was happened 8 years ago in Tawau. It’s traumatizing me. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

Back to the event. I manage to met some new friends there like Kent Chan and also like friends that i already familiar with especially massy and sasuka. Actually, i lost contact with them like almost a year now. How hectic my life now. Kudos to the organiser and SBG. It’s kinda connecting me and my past-life.

Many cosplayer also participated in this event and it makes the event more merrier. Not all bloggers i think. But this is good sign for all of us. I heard most them came from csp community ( if i’m not mistaken). Good forum for hobbies actually. Anyone out there loves sharing their hobbies to the world, csp is the great place for you to go.

I only took a photo of the last performer that night which is Sasuka.. i’m sorry Alvin and Mr. Roger Wang for not taking your photo during your show.According to Sasuka, they never expect that the organiser not providing a complete musical instrument during that night. Hmmmm… misinformation again. Only Ijam and Sabry on stage. But i really like the way Alvin sing a song which sounds so cool and RnB. It’s good for awex2 and people who love sentimental music. I salute you Alvin.
I can’t put all photos here. if you wanna see it just add me at facebook and find Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 folder. I upload some more inside there. As for all, great to see you all and it’s an honour to meet and knowing your names. See you all again next year and Happy Hallows Wind. boooooo….
 p/s:Dino itu rendang daging telebih garam semalam

7 thoughts on “Sabahan Blogger "Horror" Gathering 2009

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  1. Oiitt…sa lupa bergambal sama ko oh kan…but ko tia pakai costume..ahahahaa…as Aril kunun…ndak cukup rambut la kau…LOL!!!! eh si angel bear pun ada, din see u oh…sempat lagi komplen pasal rendang daging…


  2. Shin Chan:ya lorr u not thereAngel:ohhh i didn't recognize u..Kenwooi:hehehe its only for fun thoughAmy C:muhahaahahaha mestilah…biarlah ko peminat aril sana…ya kamu juga bz hhahaahah


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