Sesame Street and Me

“Remember, remember the 5th of November” as i quote a famous dialogue by V from “V for Vendetta” movie today the date of my blog. Anyone of you remember Big Bird? Elmo? Oscar the grouch? or maybe Count Dracula (not the horror character of Dracula but this one love to count). The programme become so memorable this month for me. You know, when i opened google, i saw face of Cookie Monster (most metal singer influenced from him for their vocal styles).

What so special about it? It’s because on 10th November, Sesame Street will celebrating their 40th anniversary. Sesame street mostly popular just because the muppets characters. But some of the character from the programme has become extra-famous for it’s own movie like Kermitt the Frog. Not many kids nowadays realise about this just because they’re too obsess with Aruna, Ceria, RIA, Prima and other craps that being shows here on Malaysian TV. At that time, many of us learn how to count or read English (eventhough my English not better than others) from Sesame Street.

I remember the 1 to 10 being sing what they call it a number song and also Count Dracula that love to count numbers. The programme really addictive besides The Electric Company. Why don’t you ask kids out there if they watch Sesame Street. I bet the answer you get “apa tu?!”. Well, we as the adult should give our childrens more high quality programme. Not telling them about AF, Raja Lawak programmes. If you can’t do it, that means the media already manipulating your brain with their trash.

Let this month become a month where we starting back all the good programme for the future. As for teacher, think again what you gonna teach in the new semester on January to your pupils. From me, Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street. Thinking of all you muppets there makes me feel younger again. Thanks for all the good programme you serve us for the last 40 years.

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