Different Religions under One God

All creations are submitting to themselves to God alone.

Do they seek other than the ‘deen’ (system of submission) of God, while to Him submitted all creatures in the heaven and the earth, willingly or unwillingly. And to Him shall they all be returned. (Qur’an 3:83)

Including the physical body of the criminal himself/herself is actually submitting to God except his/her freewill to kill. His cells, organs, and even the hands he or she used to kill are dislike of what his/her willingness to kill. Soon, in the judgment day his/her physical body will be the star witness of what he/she did. At this point, God is mighty and King of all kings. To Him alone we willingly and unwillingly submit regardless of what religion we follow and what races we belong.

Say (Oh Muhammad) “He is the One” (The Only God). (Qur’an 112: 1)

This is the proof that Jews, Christian, Muslim and what other followers of the new religions will come are worshiping same God.

In Qur’an 3:83 I am translated the deen into religion, because the word religion from the Greek two root words as reli (relationship) and Gion (God) is insufficient to be translated. Deen is beyond the religion. I prepared to translate it as system of submission or Islam. Because deen is covered the universal way of life in grounded in everyday life of not only mankind but also the animal, plant, and all micro and macro objects. 

It is only important to mention here that religion is something from intellectual product of human being. And deen is divine and a product of human discovery evolves in every walk of life from one generation to generation.

Deen as way of life is universal. In other word it is inclusive. In the sense that every creation is can easily understand and apply to suited to their own status, religion, tradition etc.

Islam as deen is open to all who are willing to practice. It designed not only for Muslims and human being but for all creation. The person who submit himself to God through correct system of submission (Islam) is most successful than the cosmos whose balance is already set by God. So Islam is open to anyway followers of any religion.

If Islam is exclusively for those who claimed Muslims then Islam is a small box and exclusive. And absolutely can not answer the need of the humankind and other creations.

*kudos to Nur Danial for helping me out on this article.

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