New Moon Review

Before i start, i would like to say thanks to The Body Shop for the free tickets. 15 of us were chosen to watch the New Moon movie. This is the 2nd book from The Twilight Saga. 

The movie tickets being distributes by Fara and the movie details as follow;

Date: 27th November 2009
Venue: 1 Borneo
Time: 9pm

It’s weekend and school holiday. You can imagine how crowded the place would be. I hate crowded places sometimes but i still went to the gig. I arrived bit late that’s 30 minutes late i think and i travel with taxi while the rain falling outside. Eventhough i’m consider late, i still manage to “traced” Fara and bunch of Sabahan Bloggers. Thanks to the cute TBS staff. She’s so helpful. Oboy, oboy, i still can remember her face.”phone number, please?” 

They also organizing a “Love Note” contest too. The most creative notes will be rewarded an eau de parfum from The Body Shop.

I thought all those peoples just want to watch New Moon but i was wrong. Some of them went to watch some Malay movie and Astro Boy. I expect this movie more better than the first one. But i was too wrong. This is crap and too melancholy.. or in other word, MELLOW SHALLOW. (kung paano dumating ang mga tao pag-ibig na panoorin ito at ilagay ito bilang numero 1?)

ANYWAY, the movie was alright but I think it was a little bit dragging. There were also laughtrip scenes:
1. Bella and Edward were floating in water.
2. Alice showed Aro her vision — Edward and Bella were running/chasing each other in the forest.
3. When  Jacob blocked Edward’s car in the middle of the highway 

But, i really like when i saw Jacob and his pack transform into werewolves. It’s really big… wow… i think Nell Chan and Kent Chan will also agree with me.

This movie really slow and not too many good dialogue that i can quote in here. I can say the last words before it’s over “Would you marry me, Bella?”. Just like that. It’s finish and people will have to wait for the sequel next year again. Guys, better read the books than watch it on films. I recommend this movie for all people who love wasting their time or just want to think about new idea in creating more better movie.

Overall Rating: 3/10 

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  1. hey there! my 1st visit to ur blog..anyways, i'm actualy cant wait to watch that muvi..lambat bah di tawau punya cinema, have to wait about 1week..;Pheard a lot of bad reviews about the muvi also, but nvm la, i still wanna watch it.. hehe..cheers! 😀


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