Krupskaya South East Asia Tour 2009

This is one of the best gig ever this year 2009. It’s because of Krupskaya, a grindcore band from UK. I had listened to one track from their 2006 album, clouds over pripyat. And it’s sounds like a heavy storm hitting a village of ignorance on top of mountain of doom. wow… hard to explain..but i can’t wait for this.

After 2 days of hectic, Friday, 4th December went for a family trip to Manukan Island (i got sunburned on my back during snorkeling), Saturday, 5th December being a Host for a band in Digi Live Music at Dewan Foochow, Bukit Padang…. (I met lots of great people from Seven Collar T-Shirt, One Buck Short, They Will Kill Us All, Prana and Pure Vibracione with some local acts but hey…!! where’s our crew payment?!! I blog about this later).. and on 6th December, Sunday, again, i became an MC for Krupskaya shows.. venue, same        as before Yaaha Cowboy Bar, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu. (The gig in Papar and Keningau being cancelled)
According to the flyer above, it suppose to start at 2pm but as usual it start late around 3pm.. But i salute the organiser for being such pro handling the event. They give the signal to call the first band to the stage after everyone finished sound-check. Beyond Insanity is the first band to performed and they play a good music eventhough they bit technical problem happened. The second band Under Rider also same like the first band.. so cliche’ and there’s no great sounds can be heard.
Outfall came out as 3rd band for the evening. Outfall seems matured on thier musics. I can see Skulda from Krupskaya enjoying it with a little moshed at the front. From 1st band until 2nd band, most of the crowds just standings doing nothing. Maybe they’re too shy moshing in front of Krupskaya (hahahaa). If not because of me (i think so).. they won’t do anything during Outfall perfomances.. (say thanks to me guys :-))
4th band for that day, Haematoma. A harsh/mince grind band from Kota Kinabalu. While the vox, Bege on drums. Bege seems very creative putting the mic with lots of selotape around it.. so he can hit the drums and sings. Nice work Bege. I salute their style of music.. very raw and harsh..
Fuck Yeah the band that replaced Mati Katak (isn’t the band name same name like a early 90’s fanzine?). I don’t if i should review this band.. i heard lots of Fuck here and there.. and nothing special about them. They play for quiet long and it makes me bit bored with them. I can smell an alcoholic substance from their vocalist breath. Shite! That’s so fucken’ poseur!!! If the music can’t be feel when u fresh, that means, u’re not ready for it. And i can see many guys laughing at them.. so obvious ehh.. hahahahahaahaha… Maybe they try to deliver a message about how to masturbate in front of barking dogs.. You need more practice guys..
“Please welcome Tim, Alex, Mike & Skulda from Krupskaya“.. and everybody can feel the energy after i shout the band name. I can’t wait to see their performances.. When they’re start, they made like an intro sounds.. its like an engines of high-power nuclear submarine..(Too bad, i forgot to bring my Sony compact). “SABAH!!!!!!” like a growling thunder came from Alex’s throat. He even mosh while deliver his vocal in the middle of the crowds. 200% salute to all the sporting and responsive crowds that day.. great. I can’t even saying it with words. Maybe the photos (Leeched from Qassim) answer everything..
Great isn’t it? Ok after Krupskaya, here come Arah Kiri, Sabahan very own Thrash/Crossover band. They seems attract most of the crowds like Krupskaya. Krupskaya also joined together in mosh-party. I can’t handle myself by doing some “Loner” move ..hahaha ….

After the gig with some of the crowds
I really hope Krupskaya can come down again here in Sabah. Mayebe next time as a normal tourist :-).. no gig .. this is how the underground goes, we don’t love to make fight, we love musics, we enjoy it. Music like our very own drugs. Through music, we making lots of friends. I would like to say “FUCK OFF FUCKEN’ POSEUR TRENDY BASTARDS WHO START A FIGHT DURING FACE THE TRUTH GIG BEFORE!!!” I don’t know who the fuck are you but i got your photos. And you’re not from the metal scene.. If you guys cause any trouble again, i’ll make sure all of you suffer with your troublesome attitude.. If you brave enuff, join the arm forces! Ohh maaf kamu tak faham (giggles) masuk polis ka , askar ka.. or maybe kamu tidak sekolah.. FUCK OFF!!!!!! ok guys ciao 🙂

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or, you all also can visit Krupskaya myspace:

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