Look Who’s Talking Now!!

Cautions: Very strong and vulgar words ahead. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Doofus! I don’t say i sms you because of something… it’s only to make you think (If you have a brain). Some people don’t get it. Too naive maybe. So lame.. if you think i’m the same person you know before, you’re wrong. Your hatred makes me stronger.. your words before makes me keep imagining your “fucken” face giving a good “head”. LMAO.

In particular reasons, you’re the one who never appreciates people. 

Like it or hate it…it’s up with you.. Hey! I know you keep thinking the same person before and don’t want to admit it. Just because he ask you to commit something that which is wrong and against the humanity.. if you think your action is good… FUCK YOU!!! You should be stones to death or maybe being shot by a firing-squad. I just want you to realize that.

If you think your action is good for you. OK.. maybe you just a cheap motherfucken’ whore sitting by the corner of the street. Gosshh!! some people think that they’re great. Even if you gain your education certificates, it doesn’t makes you “clean”. It still haunting you until depth of your grave. Think about it. There’s a big world outside and not just a small world. You’re such a loner! From your action i know. You got Post-Traumatic Syndrome. Better check with the psychiatrist. Don’t know how? Call 103 for Hospital Mesra, Bukit Padang number for free consultations. Thank you.

Just for the record, i don’t have anything to makes me thinking about you on anything. It’s only about sms’ing you to makes you realize everything you’ve done. I’m not the one who start it. It’s you! Don’t you remember? Knock! Knock! is it empty inside?? I don’t want to keep whining here. No more mr. nice guy. If we do good, people keep give a bad things back to us. I remember everything now. 

And LOOK WHO’S TALKING NOW? I thought you don’t know how to make your finger move again.. *chuckles*

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