Avatar vs. Zombieland

I make this 2 movies review in one. So it can save lots of my time on writing and thinking back all about these 2 movies. Most of us i know already watched these 2 (if you don’t, go watch at your nearest cinema) great movies.

At first, i thought the Avatar movie taken from the Avatar:The Last Airbender anime which aired every Sunday (if i’m not mistaken) on Tv3 but why the poster looks weird.. somekind like a fishman or something. Avatar heroe should be bald and got marks on his forehead. This one more likely;

but with lots of blue makeover on her face.. buahahahahaahahahah.
so it goes like this,

I must say, this movie a “must” watch movie for 2009 or any fans for James Cameron’s movie. Everybody waiting for Cameron’s magic touch once again like in Titanic. The story is all about a twin brother (Starred by Sam Worthington) who is physically disabled and also an ex-Marine. Who went to change his brother place to drive an Avatar, a body of indigenous tribe who lived in Pandora planet. Seems he realized that his only being used by the company where his late brother worked before, the company only want to get all the natural resources from the planet. He also fell in love with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). And you can see her boobs inside this movie (but unfortunately, it’s only a digital boobies hahahahaha). There’s lots of 3D fx inside this movie. Great touch by Cameron’s team. But, the storyline really can be predicted, what happen next and next, like my lecturer friend from Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia, Eko Sulistiya, he said the movie only for teenagers and for great graphics lover. I think his right and got the point there but this is 150 times better than New Moon.

Another great movie that came out recently is Zombieland;

there’s a new, R-rated or PG-13 movie for the undead brain-eater comedy Zombieland, and it fully earns its R-rating. Graphic content includes: lots of zombie carnage, bouncing zombie boobs in pasties, F words, and, most brutal, Jesse Eisenberg so far into Michael Cera’s rival territory that he’s surely by now a POW, captured and caged within his own slumped shoulders. Every time he speaks, you can’t help but hear a phantom Arrested Development banjo strumming faintly in the distance. And the appearance from Bill Murray also funny to me (Bill Murray is the actor from Ghostbusters). Because of the him, my friend’s Murray always being called Bill Murray ..hahahahaha 

I watched this on “pirated” DVD and Cinema. Both are great and worth for every penny. The story line also unpredictable. Watch here if you don’t watch it yet;

(If you can’t read it, it’s asking you to enter your birthdate in mm/dd/yyyy format.)

This can called a great zombie movie of 2009. Avatar won only on the graphics, if you don’t believe me, try watch both and you all can understand. I think i can’t wait for Avatar Game for my PS3 console. If you want to know some marks from Cameron, i think he want his magic touch to be great again, so he hired same person for the musical background (i think so) because i can hear “My Heart Will Go On” soundtrack melody intro… For Avatar, 5/6 and Zombieland (uncalculated) Go, go, go now before 2010. 


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  1. Yes – Avatar is very very good.But I went and watched Zombieland and it sucked so much…I hatred it becoz it was a very very dumb movie.Check out my blog to read the review(I posted it last week).Anyways, nice to meet you and nuffed ur ads.Tc.Himmat.


  2. Himmat: Zombieland somekind of black humor movie.. they dont want too serious watching it.. hehe.. Avatar is great actually.. only the storyline i don't really like very much


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