Santa Claus exist? You Must Be Kidding!!??

As i read the news on MSN today (thanks for the link Vynne).. . It says that NORAD helping the children to track Santa’s activities all over the world via iPhone. According to Colonel Harry Shoup on the website says “Based on historical data and more than 50 years of NORAD tracking information, we believe that Santa Claus is alive and well in the hearts of children throughout the world,”.

Because Saint Nick a US/Canada citizen is exist (I don’t know who he is). They tracks Santa using army satellites and jet fighter from all over the world. They even “tracked” him in Pyongyang, North Korea
Full article is here.
Just read it and you may understand later. But as far as i know, Santa Claus retired from sending gift to children since 1975 or 76. He’s now using his real name
and became a citizen of Germany. He with his Rudolph (the reindeer) joined the band scorpions for good. I’m talking about Klaus Meine (Santa Claus) on vocal and Rudolph Schenker (Rudolph the reindeer) on Rythm Guitar. See… they’re really exist, right??
If you believe, just say it… but for me hmmmmm… ok have a Good Sunday everyone.

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