My 15 Top All-Time Favourite Movies

This are some of my all-time favourite movies. I think the movie list-down here seems enjoyable for me to watch than other movies. I never get bored watching all these.

Brandon Lee final movie. He accidentally shot-dead during filming this movie.

A Malaysian movie. They even made an Indonesian version of this with title “LOVE”

A 1976 hindustan movie. A remake in 2003 by Shah Rukh Khan.

It’s not about Brad Pitt, the storyline for this movie really great. Its about humanity. Sometimes we forgot something that we must do in this life. The stories can make us think about others.

Struggling to survive

 A really great movie from Tom Hanks

A story about China great maharaja. 

A teenage romantic-comedy flix. Really great movie

Sometimes we forget about how our parents really love us but we never appreciate them.

Even the movie target only for kids, but this movie has lots of great philosopical dialogue.

An adult comedy.. which is great for me.

An american pie. The movie has turned into a like series and lots of sequel but this one where it all starts.

Until now i’m still thinking. Is this an alien or a ghost?


This is adapted from a classic novel. A stories about an Immortal and never get old. His being cursed.

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