What’re 2010 May Bring? (Some facts and predictions)

Before people say bye-bye to 2009, i already think what may happen in 2010. I can say lots of changes on this world ahead. The biggest country in the world already changed their leader. People around the world really hoping that the new leader, Mr. Obama can do something to this world as US role as a earth-police *chuckles* , especially restoring the world peace (even we know there’s no chance for peace on this world since Adam). It’s like a human nature to be fragile. Heart and mind suppose to be one along the path of life. Our awareness on ecosystem and environment getting high day by day. I may think, the government of Malaysia will cancel the building of Coal-Generator (whatever it is) here in Sabah. US will takeout every soldiers in Iraq and also Israel no longer supported by US. Hopefully…

Same goes with Malaysia, with a new leader, Najib Razak, hopefully he can do his job well and please… no more “hidden agenda” inside any politicians head in Malaysia.. if so, people let us bring them down!!

But in contrary, there some predictions, Christians have predicted several events that many believe are related: the second coming of Jesus, the war of Armageddon, the arrival on earth of the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the Rapture, some horrendous natural disaster, etc. Jewish, Islamic, psychic, occult and other predictions have been offered as well.

Everything that may happen, it’s already being written by God. We’re only HIS servant that will be judge one day. All we have to do, enjoying life as great as it takes. Learn from the past as a history, never make it as a burden on your shoulder. People who always carry his “trouble” on his shoulder will be consider as a “fool”. For me, stopping from being as a smoker, alcohol drinker are great results from 2009.

Kota Kinabalu GSC, Kg. Air will no longer be the same again. Yesterday was GSC’s last operation day. I’d being informed that, the cinema will moving to a new place at Suria Sabah (near Wisma Merdeka). I’m gonna miss that place for my entire life. That’s a memorable place to me. As i’ve waited for someone there before for the whole day since morning but “she” never come. That’s an old story.
kakiis.com – the Malaysian very own networking site, will be no longer available as it’s operation ended yesterday. For full last message from them, go to their website. It got same fate like catcha.com before. Rapidfree website will be unavailable anymore. And some other layout changes on my friends blog. My friend Nur Danial will start working on his book. Moon eclipse will happen tonite… hope i can see and take some photos of it.
In 2010, hopefully me and my band will hit the studio and make some great wonder. Thanks to every my friends that i newly met, and old friends eventhough some of them already being dump by me because not so “productive” hahaha. Happy New Year 2010 everyone.. (I already celebrated 1431 Hijr new year 2 weeks ago).

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