I Feel Sick With These!!

Never mind with the free “models”

I feel so not good today.. i mean sick.. feel hot and headache when i woke up this morning. I went to a one private clinic in Kolombong area. My mum who suggested me that clinic. I never been there before. So, i went with my uncle. He drove and accompanied me to go there.

There’s lots of people in the clinic.. i’m talking about Klinik Surgeri Dr. Toh in Kolombong, Inanam. Have you ever been there? My mum and my uncle said that the clinic open 24/7. Wow!! This clinic really productive. I never been to 24 hours clinic before. This sounds like 7 Eleven in clinic version ehh.. I presume that’s there’s more than 2 doctors there. I tried to asks the girl at the counter,”siapa2 lah doktor di sini ni?”, i asked,”satu urang saja, nama klinik ni lah, doktor Toh”, the girl replied in Sabahan dialect. “Wow! dia ndak pulang rumah ka?? sudahlah open 24/7..”, the girl just smiling.. hmmm.. what’s going on, if the doctor don’t get enough sleep, can he concentrate on examining his patient?

“Dia makan roti sama minum Milo saja tu”, the girl colleague added the statement about the doctor. What’s the link between open 24/7 with “roti” and “Milo”? Weird.. My name being called by the staff (the nurse), so i enter the doctor room. Hmm.. a doctor look like in 35 sitting on his chair and he asked all the questions the doctor love to ask, you know what i mean. So, i give him the answer that doctor like because i need to get out from that place faster. I feel like i wanna puke. Especially when i saw there’s a transvestite waiting for “her” name and staring at me.

The typical “pondan” look at Kg. Air, Kota Kinabalu

Why staring at me.. i ain’t Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or George Michael..if i have a chance maybe i start to make a great punch direct to “her” face. After my name being called for taking my medicine, i asked for a bills, “RM45 saja”, “Ok”, i said and they gave me Antibiotics with Fever medications only. I think my body temperature getting hot causing by the “pondan” that staring at me.. eeewwweeeeee.. I’m homophobic.. i don’t like it..

I plan to blog about John Teo, a numbnut who said Sabahan people is stupid.. maybe later.. if any Sabahan read this, please blog it first. John Teo really need a “smack down” from Sabahan. Maybe later.. i need to get some rest now. Be rite back.

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