I Spend Too Much Money & Thinking About Patriotism

This post so 2009… i still wanna blog this. I spend too much money 2 days before 2010. Gosshh!!! But, its for the sake on my stuff and need to pay my bills. Before i made my payment, i took a photo of my money (it may sounds weird but that’s my money, my saving that i love very much).

the money

What do you think? How much is it? Can you guess? It’s about RM2,000. I think for the last 3 years i spent so much on my money. It’s easy to get it, save it but i spent alot of it. *Gosshh*.. It should be stop on 2010. I still remember i spent almost RM10,000 just for shopping in KL 3 years ago.
I being labelled by my cousin as a “big spender” (not seluar dalam besar ok!). Where did i shop? I shop in Zara and in some shops at KLCC. If i think back, i should stop that. It’s really a big waste of money. Just want to get a clothes we’re not suppose to buy it from an expensive boutique..

Talk again with the RM2,000, i pay some bills on my credit cards, electricity, water, and some stuffs. Urrrhhhggg..!!! I must save money again this year. I MUST!
After made the payment, i went to Kg. Bahang, Penampang by bus. It’s my first time there and i went to Murray‘s house. “Ko nampak saja gate kuning, ha, sanalah tu ko berenti”, Murray instructed me inside his SMS. “What!!!”, i replied, “punya banyak gate kuning alonge Jalan Kobusak”, hahahh.. “Kau nampak saja ada gerai Cina, dalam kawasan gate kuning tu, kau stop sana.”, he explained in specific directions.
It cost me about RM1.30 for the bus fare. Wow!! I thought it’s really far like the way to Maang or Potuki. It’s not that far.. well, inside the bus, got a chance to see the bus, i think the bus not belongs to Malaysian.. why i saying this, just look at this photo;
I don’t see any Malaysia flag inside the bus, maybe they’re rented the permit from a Malaysian.. i can hear their slang and when i asked them about the place name, they don’t know.. *weird*. If they’re Malaysian, they suppose to put some Malaysian flag inside eventhough it’s small. It’s like showing your patriotism for this country. Come on, if you don’t like Malaysia, give back your identity card.. we don’t want you here.
After arrived at Murray, i transfered some songs and movies to his laptop. I get the songs from him. Need to listen to it over and over. Get the soul, his melody sounds brilliant and great :-).
I need to save more money this 2010 and get more creatives in music. Hope so.. God please help me. And for John Teo, YOU SUCK! Wait for my blog about John Teo..

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