Why Should We Fought Something That For Everyone?

Under the name of God that i worshiped everyday i swore that i never have somethings bad to say about this only to open a mind of most Islam in this country. I am Islam and i never thought that this things can be such a serious in this country. The words Allah being used such a long time by Nasrani here in Sabah and we don’t have any problems with it because we can differentiate which words for Islam and which one for Nasrani.

It shows that most Islam in these country had lacked of reading. Maybe the “Kempen Mari Membaca” never taken seriously because thinking too much into “politics” here in this country. If most readers they know the word God actually Allah in arab language and if you watch any Jewish “Khutbah” on youtube, they still used the words Allah. Just because we’re not an Arab speaker so “we” took this things seriously.

My brothers/sisters, don’t you know this issue being such a laughing stock by some of my Arab friends in middle-east? Or maybe because of fatwa? Why don’t make a fatwa to put “HARAM” all the clubs in this country? And make demo to shut it down? Why? Don’t you know the words Allah already being used by an Arab since Jahiliah? If you wanna know, make a research for it. Aren’t we all worshiping the same God? Think again.

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