10 Oddest Twitter Stars

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The best man who twitters about the newlywed’s sex life

An anonymous best man came up with the smartest prank ever. Based on the same concept used for the Twittering office chair, this cheeky guy set up a system to get and report increased activity up top straight from the groom’s bed. So, every time the couple is… ahem… “on the job”, there’s a tweet that makes this private moment not so private. Once everything is done, the bed even reports a summary of the love-birds performance!

The daring best man justifies himself saying the prank is a payback for a joke his friend (now the victim) played on him when he was his best man. However, he promises to never unveil the couple’s identity or his own. Well, with or without names, I bet the huge amount of visitors do enjoy every time they take a look at his profile!

The 28 year-old who moved back to his parents’ and became a million follower sensation by quoting his dad’s thoughts.

How would you feel moving back with mom and dad at the age of 28? Well, let me tell you that you’re not a loser and even in a situation like this, there’s still hope. Just take a look at Justin Halpern from San Diego, who turned this frustrating reality into an internet phenomenon. This creative man found his inspiration in his dad’s irreverent daily quotes that he decided to post everyday on a site called shitmydadsays.

The site contains fragments of conversations, observations and exclamations coming out from Samuel’s mouth, the most famous dad on Twitter now. The 73-year-old retired man has now thousands of followers on the internet. He and his son, Justin have even received some interesting offers from literary agents and book publishers.

The Big Ben account which twitts o’clock “bongs”

Yes, even the world’s most famous clock in London, has a Twitter account. In its virtual version, The Big Ben does exactly the same as in real life, it bongs every hour! What was created as a statement on the banality of the site at first, became a true Twitter sensation with more than 30,000 followers!
The world’s oldest person on Twitter (104 year-old)

Ivy Bean is 104, she lives in Bradford, West York and she is probably the coolest grandma on earth. This lovely woman, who has a Facebook profile already, has become a Twitter sensation –with over 50,000 followers- by posting her updates on the microblogging site.
The mother who tweeted her son’s drowning and death almost in real time

This is about Shellie Ross’ misfortune, whose 2 years-old son, Bryson drowned in the swimming pool of the house. But what’s Twitter got to do with this? Well, here comes the odd part… The woman, who has more than 5,400 followers, tweeted them at almost every stage of the tragedy. First, a 911 call saying her son was lying at the bottom of the pool; about half an hour later she tweeted “Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool”; and a few hours later she tweeted one more time “remembering my million dollar baby” and posted some photos of her little son.
Although some of these tweets have been since removed, a debate was set on Twitter about the mother’s behavior. Either to support or criticize Shellie, this terrible misfortune has caused a great shock on the famous site’s users.
The plant chip who twitters updates to remind you to water your plants

Surprised? Well, if even a clock has a Twitter account, why not a plant? At least this one is a living thing!
This is a pothos -a real life plant-, and it’s there to remind you that even if you’re too busy Twittering, you must water your houseplants!
Who said that technology and the environment don’t get along??
The space craft who twitters about life in Mars

Check this out… The Phoenix Mars Lander is on Twitter as well, and it tweets phrases such as “I’ve entered the gravity well of Mars”. Well, some people’s creativity goes definitely beyond this world.
The whale that twitters

So far we have a clock, a plant, a lander…now, it’s a whale’s turn. However, this is not a common one but the most famous whale in the US. The huge animal at the Museum of Natural History in New York City not only has a Twitter account but it has over 11,000 followers!
The house that twitters its energy use 

Andy Stanford-Clark , IBM’s “Master Inventor”, has rigged up his house to twitter its energy use. So, everybody can see in real time when the famous man turn his lights off, reduces the power consumption or even when has his phone ringing! What at first looks like an oddity is actually an attempt to make electricity consumption transparent in order to change consumer’s behavior and reduce energy consumption.
The latest blog to join Twitter

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