My laptop cable seems having a problems lately.. maybe its because i’m too “violently” pulling it out from my beg. Maybe it hurt to it.. as if it got a feelings. So yesterday, i went to get the wire-tape… kinda plaster and this is my first time buying it. I never buy any kind this stuff before. Well…the things really oily..

And this is my first time to know about the cost of the tape. It’s only RM1… gossh… maybe i’m not from this planet anyway. I feel like i’m an alien. Never know about the common things prices besides “gulay at isda” . This is not the things you can find “sa palengke“. While at the quarters, i try to fix the cable again. I nearly got electric shock. Luckily, it’s not that serious. After a few taste, and at last, i made it.

As i done with the cable, i imagine if human heart can be fix like this. If there’s a tape for a “puso” being sale at the nearest stores. Maybe not many people can feel hurt in their heart.. and not so long for them “ibalik ang kanilang” to normal.

I know everything only an “if”… if, and if, there’s always the words if.. how about giving people a second chance?

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