Emotional Leader Should Retire

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Every creation there is something special given to him by Almighty God. Every human being has his strength and weakness, so as the leader.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) encountered countless problems during his lifetime as a messenger and as a leader of Muslim ummah. Prophet had faced several challenges from the community. But Prophet never asked to God to curse them. In contrary the Prophet of Islam as “Rahmatan lil alamien’ (mercy to all creations) prayed with wisdom for the guidance of his ummah.

Furthermore, the messenger of Islam prayed for the brighter future of Muslim as well as for the non-Muslim ummah. His emotion dominated by his noble mission as a messenger of God for humankind and all creations. No personal interest and no room for
emotional leadership as far as Islamic leadership is concern. The anger of the Most-Forgiveness God is dominated by His Mercy.

Muslim leader has the right to be respected by the ummah. However, the right of the people over the leader is accredited by God, as long as it is justifiable. This situation must be done in a proper process for justice and equality. The weakness of the leader must be aided by his fellow leaders and followers.

The respect of the ummah toward the leader is of course important, one and for all. Therefore, the cooperation among the ummah is wajib (obligatory). What happen if the Muslim leaders are disrespecting their fellow Muslim leaders? How the Muslim leaders can gain reputation from the ummah?

Leader is who lead by example. What if the emotion will lead the heart of the leader? Absolutely no good example will be manifested. I guess the emotional leader shall be retired.

If our leaders’ wishes to give the needs of ummah then let them fix first there own selves. The understanding and unity among leaders are highly demanded. Unless if they are hiding their own agenda, aside from God’s interest.

Tracing back the history Islam, the political interest and fitnah which divided the ummah. Except the period of the Madina State there were no partisan existed. Muslims were prioritized the prime objective of Islam and rejected the selfish interest. The hundred year’s war between Khaus and Kharaj are reconciled. And Muhajirin and Ansar solidly protected the interest of the ummah. No way to partisan and no way to personal interest.

The Madina State established the Khairul ummah (ideal community).

To my mind, the best example of Khairah Ummah was the community of Medina during the time of Prophet Muhammad. It was a State wherein different religions harmoniously co-existed by virtue of respect of other’s faith and bounded by the same social contract to serve and love the neighbour. In his last sermon the prophet said. (Alkhaulan Hashim,kalimayahan.blogspot.com)

Lets us call the attention of Muslim leaders in the world to unite under the banner of La ila Ha Illa Allah. Only Him alone who gives you the everlasting success, and the victory over the infidels. No party is recognize by God except the army of God who destroying all munkar and calling for ma’ruf.

The enemy of Islam (peace and justice) happy to witness the Muslim leaders disuniting among themselves. Only Him alone who leading us, not the emotion and evil! So please come together, let us pray for the safety and guidance of our Muslim leaders in the world. And do not wait the non-Muslim to reconcile us!

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