One (Love)

This video suppose to be posted on my other blogs but it seems my wordpress have somekind of problem with scripts..or maybe i need a webhosting for wordpress. I love this reminds me my old time and reminds me about the current affair in this country.

I know many people don’t believe if i say the people who still try to provoke others on God’s name is having lack of love inside their heart. If you don’t believe in LOVE, you not believe in God… It’s already mentioned inside the Quran that one nature of Allah is Ar-Rahim (Caring). Don’t we happy if we still can feel LOVE inside our heart? If you can feel it, means that God is exist. Allah and God is the same. Not two or many. 

The reason i blog this that i consider people who still trying to make trouble, attacking other people sacred place are considered as a bunch of looney and loner. Don’t you people get it? Others laughing at us now… If you’re consider yourself as a loner, go see a shrink then. I put 4 different versions of this video. Hope you enjoy it. 

One (Original Version)

U2 feat. Mary J. Blige

Homemade Video (Live background)

Lee See Yeul Version (Korean singer)

Are you never think that we’re ONE? Islam always taught the ummah to tolerate with others. Show some Peace, Love and Respect. I never consider Al-Qaeda and all kind of forms of terrorism as Islam. They’re not and never will except their put some LOVE inside their heart. Islam never attack others. That’s all for now. 🙂

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