Time To Relax

Head Trip
At the state hospital a psychiatric patient is taking a stroll in the gardens when she sees a man spreading something on some plants. “What’re you doing?” she asks.
“Putting fertilizer on the strawberries,” the gardner answers.
“What’s fertlizer?”
“It’s animal poop.”
“Why are you putting it on the strawberries?”
“It makes them sweeter.”
“Imagine that,” the woman says, “they call us crazy and we put sugar on ours.”

The Nose Face

I have an admission to make. Despite all the talk of 401k’s lately, I don’t know what they are. Oh, I know they have something to do with money, and I know that they’re something people acquire in the hope of having sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement, but beyond that I don’t know the details. I don’t have one, which is supposedly a bad thing but nowadays may be a good thing, since with the economic crisis they’re disappearing like campaign promises the day after election. This is all a way of saying that even though I don’t much understand the underpinnings of the crisis, it came as no surprise to me when Alan Greenspan, in his mea culpa before Congress this week, admitted that in all his years as a free-marketeer he never factored human greed in to his thinking. It’s pretty terrifying when you realize that too often those with the most power miss the most obvious things.

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