Devil & Me (Tasyrif Tajudin Java Game)

While people keep busy about Tasyrif Tajudin with his “clever” provoking game issue on facebook, i found this java game on internet.. I found it’s amusing.. hahaha
Seems Aj not here, so, i’m gonna make a posting for today. This game dedicated to Tasyrif Tajudin that seems like to play around with his word. I found many people like this. Hmmm.. What you try to prove huh? Hey Tasyrif, i don’t think you’re Islam or Muslim.. you sounds like zionist. You make your face being put on the wall of shame. I don’t know what’s your point on this?
Maybe you think everything was a jokes for you. Hope you like when we try to make you famous like William Hung. You can be an internet sensation.. i heard that The Sims developer will put your face as one of their character very soon. Just wait and see. I don’t know if this is true or not.

Here is the java game and i hope you really enjoy it as i did. Cheers Tasyrif “William Hung” Tajudin;

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