New Proletar Merchandise From Indonesia

As i said before that i planned to do a music blog that’s concentrate 100% on musics, but now seems i stuck here and can’t get out. If i move into another place so it can hard for people to find my “mumbling” place. Here something new that i just received some info from my friend Ipul from Proletar. The band itself already releasing their latest merchandise and it’s a t-shirt.. a nice one seriously.

Details down here;

Band: Proletar
Merch: T-shirt
Tittle: Sic Music for Sick World
Artwork Done by: Morbid Death Art
Description: Cotton Combat, Plastisol ink, Full Colour, Limited
Price: Rp. 80.000/RM30.00/USD9

Postage Rate (Indonesia): Jakarta rp5k, Jawa Barat rp8k, Jawa Tengah rp10k, Jawa Timur 15, Others rp20k. Postage Rate (Malaysia): 1 TS- 45.000 USD5/RM16, 2 TS- 65.000 USD7/RM24, 3 TS-120.000 RM44/USD13, 4 TS- rp160.000 RM58/USD17

Order: sms 08588.252.9063 (Name, Address & Size)
Address: SOFWATUL ABIDIN, Jl Kp Pisangan no 34 Rt.0/03, Penggilingan Cakung, Jakarta Timur INDONESIA
Payment Method: Hidden Cash/Western Union
Email: proletarmince[at]yahoo[dot]com

you can use WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER (international money transfer) to send your money. this way is save, easy & fast. Your money will received in several minutes. If you have send your money, just send this info by email : your name + address + MTCN : money transfer control number (10 digits). you can find WESTERN UNION at your local post office / bank.

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