How To Know If She’s Virgin Or Not?

This post actually posted by my friend here in Bahasa Malaysia.. (thanks Jard). Quite interesting tho, do you think virginity so “important” for a guy to choose their life-partner? For people in the West, i think this can be put aside because most of the girls there sexually actives when they reach teens age. Is it the sign of modernization or a new way of human to “test” their love and loyalty? I know this subject somekind of taboo here in the east. Excuse me, adult contains here.

According to Jard and other elders that i met before (including my mum), if you wanna know the girl still virgin or not, you can check them on their nails. I mean the flesh colors under the nails. If it’s still “overall” pink, that means, the girl still a virgin. If it’s with white spot in the middle of the flesh under the nail, so it means she’s not a virgin anymore. Wow.. now we can be a virgin checker, rite? (Note: This post isn’t 100% true, consult with a doctor for details, rofl)

An example,

This is an example of virgin hand (leech from Jard blog and it’s her own hand..hehe)
Well, according to my mum, this is 90% accurate and to Jard, 70% only, (hmmm?). Is it true? If for Indian women (if i’m not mistaken) the nose piercing shows that the girl not a virgin anymore. It’s only for married women..
Is it important? According to the religions in this world, sex before marriage consider forbidden and in Islam, adulterer will be punish with stoning until death. Virginity is like a dignity that people have to taking care of before marriage. There’s a friend of mine, he felt so depress after losing his virginity for the first time. Male-virginity also can be consider as a dignity and self-respect. But, if guy lost his virginity, do you know it? It’s simple look down at their penis.. non-virgin male usually don’t feel hurt during sex except if they got big size of his manhood.
We back to the context of the woman. Lots of men i met they says that it isn’t that important anymore if they totally in LOVE.  Love more about forgiveness but many people don’t realize this. And this post also not to teach guys to taking advantage on virgin that they newly met. This is only for “information” purposes. What do you guys think? I want your opinion on this…

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