Sons Of The System : Mnemic Best Offer This 2010

This one is the latest offer from Danish Experimental/Prog band Mnemic. Mnemic is a medical term for the persistent or recurrent effect of past experience of the individual or of the race (it’s in psychological term). They’re more progress this time. This Nuclear Blast band will never let you down with their experimentation on sounds.

You can hear aggression and some souls catching melody here. They’ve been inducted as one of Metallica favourite band. Highly recommended for fans of Meshuggah and Fear Factory. High-voltage grooving riffs with blasting drums. The vocals also comes with High-Pitch Screaming with growl and sometimes great melodic clear vocals. A strong one like a rockstar.
Okay here it is Mnemic.. offering that will be great Metal album this year 2010. It such a lovely start for this year while listening a great music from a great metal band. After you listening this album, i bet you might feel haunted by the songs…
I give you one promo mp3 (titled Mnightmare-a third song) from the album. You can download it below here. Sorry that i’ll never giveaway full mp3 album here due to respect for this high-talented band. You can get the CD from here for USD24 + Shirt and Bonus DVD. Cheers.
(thesutras Rating:6/6)

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