Received Payment from Paypal Wishlist

Woke up in the morning,check my email,and guess what,I was very astonished as Paypal sent me a mail saying that PayPal Wishlist just has given me a payment.
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use a magnifying glass please

Paypal wishlist is christmas promotional of paypal. It is an application integrated to facebook. When you join you received $USD1.00 and when you refer another person, you will be given $USD1.00 for each. The maximum is $100.
I managed to get USD4.00.Now it was proven that its not a scam from a Facebook Application. I am very thankful to God and Paypal.
Fortunately it ended December 31, 2009.
Did you also participate in Paypal’s Facebook Wishlist promo?
How much did you get? Invited many people before and some of them send me a message that it’s a hoax.. now i know how people thinking.. maybe they thought its like a farmville or “gayville” apps that they always receive…or maybe they don’t have paypal account, or only don’t have credit/debit cards. Serious…. some people don’t know how to appreciate some good apps on facebook.

The apps looks like this before and located here (it still there but not running);

DO YOU HAVE FACEBOOK account (apply 1 for FREE if don’t)??
DO YOU HAVE PAYPAL account (apply 1 for FREE if don’t)??

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