We Must Fight This!

What if you enter one blog that talking “shitty” things on your religion? I know you will piss-off unless you put religion only a symbol on your ID. I’m talking here about Islam, do you want Islam to be bully? Being called racist? Homo? or pedophiles?

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How about a caricature that shows Mohammed as being “do” by God? This aren’t funny. I received an info from a friend of mine about a blog that spreading “bad” articles on Islam. He put the blog name as Berita Muslim Sahih:Mengenal Islam Lebih Dekat Dengan Segala Kenyataan Yang Ada (True Islam News:Know Islam More Closely From The Reality). I know this blog not being authored by an Islam although he/she put a photo of an Islam women wearing “Jilbab”. 

This blog also not written in English or Bahasa Malaysia but in Indonesian language. I plead for all Islam in Indonesia, please do something about this. Report this to your authority there. Also to groups who called themselves nationalists, if any of you Muslims, you struggle not to hate Malaysia, because you are still has fellow Muslim brothers in Malaysia. This is what we must fight together.

The Blog Link is here. Thanks and May God Always Bless Us All. Or you can type this address on your browser if you don’t want to click, http://beritamuslim.wordpress.com . Let us do something about this. 

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