Great Movie Blog and Farmville

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone. Here i wanna share one good blog that review and giving info about movies. The info being updated daily. Well, you sre wanna check out this blog here IMPEDIUS (

This blog owned by a friend of mine Dinoza and he also blog at Guys, if you’re blogger, don’t forget to follow this blog and get a daily news of movie daily.

Well, i checked on  youtube and i found this 2 videos, a FARMVILLE and Mafia Wars (i put the link so easier for you to click after reading this, LMAO) apps parody. How many have play this “silly” game? Lots of it. And this games being put 1st and 2nd popular on facebook. This is the videos and hope you like it.


Also this video here;
 Mafia Farm..ehhh Mafia Warsssss

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