Hank Shermann Gives You "Demonica"

Hank Shermann a legendary guitarist from Mercyful Fate, a band influential on Metallica, Slayer, Cradle of Filth and many more, now has a new “demon” being brought up to the metal scene. Don’t say this band ripped any of Slayer guitar-riff here.

Demonica – the new international thrash outfit featuring legendary Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Sherman – will be releasing their first album Demonstrous next month. The band has had just release their latest debut album this year. So flip it over and find out what evil lurks within this “unmercyful” new offering…

Demonstrous promises to be a seriously evil debut: the band describe their work as “simply crushing” and “relentless from top to bottom.” The ten tracks, which include titles like Ghost Hunt, Luscious Damned, Astronomica and Demon Class, were recorded during multiple sessions in the US (both in San Francisco and Colorado) and Denmark. Sherman was joined in the studio by fellow guitarist Craig Locicero (Forbidden), vocalist Klaus Hansen (aka Hyr), bassist Marc Grabowski and drummer Mark Hernandez.

This a promotional video from the “demon”:


Well, for thrash metal music, what you can expect from it, a high voltage screaming with fast pedal bass-drum i’m will make most of metallers aka headbangers smiles back. Because this is the return of true-metal state. To fulfill your need on Demonica’s music, i share for you for free the song from them title Demon Class. Remember, this only for promotional purpose, please find their new album at your nearest record store.

Demon Class

If you want to get more info about them, please visit their official website at http://www.demonica.net

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