Avatar Highest Grossing Box Office of All Time.

A cartoon from George Lucas

With awards rolling in, James Cameron’s Avatar has officially topped the director’s other box office smash Titanic. Current numbers have the sci-fi thriller raking in over a billion dollars internationally.

According to E! Online, Avatar took home $1.29 billion worldwide, surpassing Titanic’s record $1.24 billion. If things keep up, it has the potential to beat out Titantic’s worldwide record of $1.848 million.

And to keep the ball rolling, the flick starring Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver could even beat Titantic’s domestic gross of $600.8 million sooner than expected — with an already whopping $552.8 million under its belt, E! Online reports.

If James Cameron’s record was going to be taken over, at least the competition is friendly. This also a proof that people love and “hungry” for brand new tech in a movies. With James Cameron’s Avatar eating up the box office competition leaving chewed up previous top earners in its wake there should be no surprise that any and every possible film is being given that extra special third dimension.

Congrats anyway to Cameron eventhough my favourite producer/director is different person, Scorcese.. yess. Guys, if you want to get latest movie showtimes all over Malaysia, don’t forget to visit showtimes [http//www.showtimes.my]

Also, don’t forget some parody being made some drunk animator.. hahahaha (this is not suitable for kids-same goes like the original movie)

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