Are You Angry?

The questions that sometimes people may covered with their ego like saying “No, i’m not”, but with deep stressful intonation and showing a mad face with big round pupils. Not only Gary Coleman can lose his temper, but anyone of us. Uncontrolled anger can be dangerous to human. Egoist people easily can fell into anger situations. Because of their psychological thought trap inside one small box called lust.
Here i’m going to share some tips that might help or consider can be useful for most of us. Even me using these method and it works. Most of us can get angry easily especially in very hot weather especially here in equatorial area. We still find a solutions “How to deal with my anger?”. For example, you’re not just disappointed, you’re angry. Angry because getting home in rush hour traffic took longer than usual. Angry because people are driving too slow and you’re trying to hurry home.

Angry because one of your children spilled juice on the carpet that you just had professionally steam cleaned two weeks ago. Angry because you got passed over for that promotion that you thought was in the bag for you.
Anger is a very powerful feeling. Just the emotion on a person’s face when they’re in that frame of mind can scare someone. If you don’t learn how to deal with anger properly, it can take its toll on your health, relationships, employment and anything else that is affected by it.
Here are four different ways this potentially explosive emotion can be channeled into something positive:
* Being calm and stabilized-When your emotions start to rise up, you need to bring them down immediately. Being calm and stabilizing your emotions can help clear your head.
You can do that by listening to some soft music, such as jazz. Or find something to do that doesn’t involve a lot of noise, such as reading a book or a magazine. Also, doing mediation or yoga can help you calm your mind.
* Being active-Incorporating some type of physical activity, whether it’s exercise or just moving around, can help relieve the steam that is built up inside of you. Getting worked up does nothing for you but initiate health problems, such as high blood pressure.
Exercising can help you to release the stress and frustration you’ll feeling. This is usually where the fruit of anger begins. Getting involved in swimming, running or walking can set you back on the path of good health.
* Step Away -If you are involved in a confrontation with someone, it’s easy to get agitated and stirred up. In this case, learning how to deal with anger means to step away from the situation.
Staying in it or around it does nothing but make matters worse, including inflaming your anger even more. In this case, you can also engage in physical activity (see the previous tip) or count to 10 backwards and release it.
* Laughing -This is definitely a good way to release your anger. Think of something that happened that’s amusing. Or find a comedy show or movie to watch. Comedy can be funny and you get to laugh right along with it. If you like jokes, get a joke book and read from it.
These are just a few of the solutions you can use in learning how to deal with your anger. People won’t be afraid to come around you. You won’t have to concern yourself with always being mad.
If you deal with it now, you can have a happy and healthy life for years to come. The more techniques you have for dealing with anger, the more options you give yourself to make choices that lead you in a positive direction. I suggest one book if you want expand your knowledge on handling anger (Anger Management For Dummies). Its good book to read.

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