American Idol Contestant’s Seeking Her Missing Mum.

This is a public announcement made at Ryan Seacrest website. I repost this for the sake of humanity and i love to watch American Idol.

‘American Idol’ Top 24 Contestant Seeking Missing Mother

The third time’s supposed to be a charm. But for three time American Idol golden ticket holder, Angela Martin, her trip to Hollywood has once again been cursed. This time, by the mysterious disappearance of her 53 year old mother. Angela called Ryan’s radio show Friday to aid in the search for her mother.

According to police in Illinois, Viola Brown Martin was traveling to Martin’s older sister’s home after Christmas, but she never arrived. Her abandoned car was discovered on December 30th in south Chicago, a day after the family filed a missing persons report with the Glenwood, IL Police Department.
Angela Martin, who competed in Chicago, was voted through to Hollywood during last week’s episode…for the third time. At 28, this is Martin’s last shot at becoming the next American Idol. The single mother of a special needs daughter has made it no secret she’s hoping to launch a music career, in part, to provide for her young daughter.  But, her trip to the finals has been haunted time and time again.
Anyone with information on Viola Brown Martin’s whereabouts is asked to call 1-800-CRIME-TV

Anyone who have news about her mother, please contact the number above (especially for those who live in United States).

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