Distro Republic: A Great Quality T-Shirt Shop at 1Borneo

I got the flyer with info about this newly open shop/boutique during Pisschrist gig here in Kota Kinabalu middle January. It’s being said most or the garment came directly from Bandung, Indonesia. All i know, lots of quality t-shirt can be found there with cheap prices in a bundle quantity.

I still had my dewa19 with flying heart logo since 6 years ago. The garment much more better than any other some branded shirt i ever wear. And, for godsake it’s really cheap compare to Malaysian shirts price. Even FBT and Fikidas shirt so expensive

Yesterday, i managed to get myself to this place so called Distro Republic at 1Borneo (the largest hypermall in Borneo). Well, the shop located at the Ground Floor (Lot G 647) opposite New York New York.

1Borneo “busy” with people “shopping”

I met one of the owner Mr. Ronald Chua, MMU graduated who originally from Sibu, Sarawak. I don’t wanna talk much about him (add him on fb lah). This boutique still look new and the decoration look very simple but cool for me. Maybe it’s their concept same goes with the message they try to deliver through the shirts being sold here. Some shirts coloured with retro-kind of style. Look natural and do you know there also an organic shirts here at Distro Republic?
The Signboard

Some of the shirts being *gantung*

Shirts on table display

They currently running a promotions from 30th January-7th February 2010. Buy 1 Shirt @ RM45 & 2 Shirts @ RM79 (Normal T) Buy 1 Shirt @ RM55 & 2 Shirts @ RM99 (Organic 100% Cotton and not using too much chemicals). Try it. It’s comfortable. I’ll buy some shirt there soon because before this i bought an organic shirt from Quicksilver and i know the feeling when wearing that type of material. 
By the way, for those of you who have a facebook account (FB account), you can add them on FB at:
Facebook ads (it’s too small :p)

You may also found some stuff or CD from Laguna Records also there. Like the latest album from Seven Collar T-Shirts, Prana and etc.  It’s a cooperation between Laguna music with them. For fans of Indie music or any kind of streetwear, this is the place you all should go. And i’m saying this not because i’ve being pay to promote them. This is for real. Real clothings for real people. and this is time for you to CHOOSE SHOP & SAVE. 

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