One God:One Message

It’s true, the fastest ways to deliver something via the internet. Even the latest news can be obtain through internet especially thestar newspaper. Which updated rapidly by their active staff. What is about my post? I’m going to share a video i found on youtube. These are one documentary for wakeupproject. Informative for those who still try to say we’re not under the same God and who try bring Islam down. 
What different about us? We’re human and God in arab being called Allah (the absolute God). As 3 semitics religions in the world from Jewish, Christianity and Islam, what is the similarity, watch this video and you all can understand. As being said by Mohammed “Ahad”, Moses “Ehad” and Jesus “Ehad”, it’s all brought the same meaning, the one and only which refer to one God.

Jesus (pbuh) in the Quran:

Mohammed (pbuh) in the Bible:

The Original Bible:

Islam, Christianity & The West:

Human embryology:

How come nobody told me about this man?:

Standing the test of time:

Proof that all prophets are Muslims:

The absolute creator:

أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمدا رسول الله
ʾašhadu ʾan laa ilāha illa (A)llāh, wa ʾašhadu ʾanna Muḥammada(n) rasūlo (A)llāh

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