How To Know The Negative And How To Deal With Them?

The Sting of Words

Words people speak to tear other people down. The sting of negative words performed by slingers. Slingers are angry, bitter, gossiping, jealous, negative, and selfish people with intentions to steal others time and joy. Shake it off! Don’t let their poison steal your time and happiness.

Six Ways To Recognize A Slinger

1) The Angry Slinger – A walking time bomb waiting to explode upon people that touch their ego. Their ego trip is about their interests or feelings. Angry people sling words they don’t mean and hurt people they love. They loudly speak their mind with no consideration of others. The angry slinger verbally will sling negative words, acts out physically, and possibly be abusive to those around them. They cannot take criticism to better their lives and will criticize others that have improved their lives. The angry slinger is usually angry for his or hers own failures in life.

Don’t let the angry slinger drain your patience and peace. Don’t stoop to their level of tearing people down. Pull away from these people and channel your emotions into positive thinking. Successful people don’t let anger get the best of them.

2) The Bitter Slinger – Still holds grudges from the past and indulges in pity parties. Their bitterness has created mental problems from being hurt in the past and not dealing with the problem. A person with a guilty conscience often becomes bitter. They are bitter and disappointed with life, people, and themselves. The bitter slinger has a hard time forgiving people including themselves. They resent others opinions especially when it relates to them. A bitter slinger might say, “Who the hell do they think they are?” The bitter slinger is jealous of others happiness.

Don’t let the bitter slinger take your happiness. Don’t let the past be an excuse not to change! Everyday becomes the past. Focus on the future of happiness.

3) The Gossipy Slinger – Their gossiping tongue is like a venomous snake that poisons life. The words spoken about others behind their backs are poison to tear down and destroy people’s life. The gossipy slinger waste valuable time talking about others and has no ambition to reach their own goals. Most of their life is spent talking about people on the phone, looking through the window glass to see what others are doing, spying, and intruding on others lives. They want to know what others are doing in order to report to other gossipers. They are very quiet in order to spy and hear what others are saying in private. Some gossipy slingers actually have calendars to jot down when others get paid, go on vacations, or what they are doing daily. They will also use others for their own benefits by obtaining their schedules. The gossipy slinger is poisoning life.

Don’t drink the poison of a gossipy slinger. Slide away from this snake and waste no time talking about things of no concern in your life. If a gossiper talks about others, they will also talk about your life. Stay focused on your ambitions.

4) The Jealous Slinger – Someone gets something, the jealous slinger wants it! These people want your blessings and are never happy for anyone that receives a blessing. They have a low self-esteem, embarrass others in situations, sling rude remarks, uncomfortable with themselves, and insecure. These people are insecure with themselves and anything becomes threatening. They are possessive and controlling. They think they need others attention and affection in order to be Ok. The jealous slinger is resentful of another’s advantages.

Don’t let a jealous slinger take away your blessings. Press on! Enjoy and be thankful for your blessings.

5) The Negative Slinger – Whiners that feed on a reaction from others. The negative person really doesn’t want to resolve the problem. They have a poor me attitude which is constantly complaining about everything. First thoughts and spoken words on any subject are negative advice. They vision failure with no room for success. Their body language is negative and voice is usually loud. They will give you all kinds of reasons not to pursue your dreams or goals. The negative slinger is mentally too lazy to think of ways to solve problems or succeed. They usually become part of the problem.

Don’t feed the negative slinger for all they want is to argue. Stay focused positively on ways to solve issues that arise in life. Everyday there are problems to solve, hollering and caring on with temper tantrums will not solve problems. Resolve issues with a good attitude and act upon what can be done to bring success.

6) The Selfish Slinger – Me first and everything is mine! A greedy person, they are concerned with their own welfare or advantage to gain something even if it means being deceitful. They show kindness to certain people that will put their needs first. A conversation begins with the selfish slinger talking about their interests and at the end of the conversation the topic is still about their interests. The selfish person usually lives alone and is irresponsible. They place their own needs and desires above others. If someone receives a gift this selfish slinger wants it and will say things, such as, “How come I didn’t get a gift?” “I really need this gift,” “Where is my gift?” “They always get everything and I never get anything.” The blessed person is made to feel bad, guilty, or sorry for the selfish slinger by the remarks. This person wants the belongings of others. They believe they should have been the one receiving a car, home, money, etc. and not the person who was blessed. They do not understand why someone else is blessed and not them. Selfish people will fake being ill or depressed in order to receive pity from others.

Don’t give them what they want! Do not feel guilty for your blessings. Blessings are a sign of succeeding in life.

It is impossible to please everyone in order for him or her not to talk behind your back. Life is too short to get run down trying to please people that will never be happy. Slingers are distractions that cause people to become miserable and lose focus on what matters. Your time is valuable and not worth losing in order to analyze why slingers say what they say about people. The higher people go in reaching their goals or making a difference in the world, the more people will criticize and sling words of destruction. The sting of words from slingers must be ignored in order to focus on positive goals for success.

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