Studies About The Age of Aisyah , Siti Khadijah and Siti Fatimah.

This is a research conducted by Maulana Habibur Rahman Siddiqui Kandhalawi. He is known as one of the outstanding scholars in India-Pakistan. In the same time, he was a hafiz and qari, leading scholars in the field of tafsir and hadith, also an author of the study to high academic and translator of academic materials from Arabic to Urdu. His paperwork are all about a research on this matter that made by the Syi’ah:

1-Aisyah r.a was married to Muhammad s.a.w. at the age of six years and they start living together during the age of nine years, after the Hijrah to Madinah, and he brought along with her a dolls to her husband home (The prophet Muhamad).

2 -Khadijah r.a. married to the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.when at age 40 years old.

3 -Fatima ra, daughter of Prophet was married to Ali ra during the age of nine years, in Medina after the Hijrah.

The results from the research are:
1- Aishah r.a. was married at the age of 16 years appropriate (instead of six years), and began living with her husband’s at the age of 19 years (instead of nine) year after the Hijrah to Madinah.

2- The age of Khadijah r.a. is 25 years old (not 40 years old) when she married Muhammad which at that time was also 25 years old. Together, the had four daughters and three sons. Their really in love and respect each other, also enjoy the happiness of living together.

3- Daughter of Prophet Muhamad, Fatima was born in Makkah before he was appointed as a messenger, and was married to Ali ra in Medina at the age of 19 years old (instead of nine years).

He has proven that Muhammad, the last messenger, is the greatest person and also the greatest teacher and guidance among men, not married an older women  for the sake of wealthiness, do not married an under age girl. He is a civilized person and live in a civilized society, where the under age marriage totally despised. So, how can he married to a child who is still very young? And he succeeded in proving that there is no difference in age between him and Khadijah ra, a young widow, which shows that he passed the time with the young woman  that same match with a nobleman who has received the title as holy women during the Jahiliyyah in Makkah.

He explains why the hypocrites and the Shi’a Muslims continue to disrupt the Muslims. Clearly they want to prevent the spread of Islam and Muslims want to cast doubt on him, Ummul Mu’minin ra, and also followers of Islam. They also want to provide a reason to brittle non-Muslims to reject Islam. May Allah punish all the liars. Hypocrites and Shiites have been transgressed when spreading slander that the Prophet married a rich old widow to take advantage of property wealth. No wonder the Christian community in Europe and America, sarcastically says:”If you do not want to live in poverty, go marry a rich widow.”

The author also reveals how the hypocrites and the Shi’a have twisted the facts about Muhammad, the first wife, second wife and daughter, Fatimah ra. They drop Aisyah r.a ages ten of 19 (years old), making it 9 (years old) than with her actual age. Hypocrites and Shi’a also want to show that Muslims are a people full of noble soul who fought for the Arabs alone (to create peace, unity and power for the Arabs only where centuries before they were fighting each other in vain) that they had been fight for their own race and not to all mankind.

Those hypocrites, have lived together with the Prophet in Medina. It has been mentioned inside Surah Al-Baqarah. Since that time, they took every opportunity to prevent spread of Islam. They continue to interfere, and strengthen their position in the second century of Islam. They have been confound historical facts and customs with lies. Over time, they successfully combined true and false statement.

Falsehoods and lies remained for centuries due to the following factors:

Firstly, the geographical situation in the Middle centuries have proved profitable to tribes of liars and hypocrites. Life at that time is short and limited to a particular community. Human travel when absolutely necessary. Society at that time living separate and apart and not much in contact. However, knowledge continues to grow in every aspect, especially knowledge about religion. Art  in calligraphy has been developing rapidly, but have not written it in a printing process. At last the persons dies without writing a book to print and distribute. When time passed, evil human beings who recognize the value of scientific literature that began to exaggerate the books in the new things based on rumors, lies and fictitious stories. As a result, writings and books spread false many in the community. This practice has continued and continues to occur until the Middle Ages.

Secondly, the socio-religious influence social and political conditions. Those non-Arab, such as Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Persia and India who have accepted Islam, was moved to Kufa. They could not understand Islam and Muslims with the truth. They are interested and inclined to government policy (which deviate from the true teachings) led to the existence of differences involving religious-political nature. Gradually they become distinctive, showing a significant difference in all aspects of life and beliefs. This is a great schism in Islam. Group of  followers to this being called Sabaites, with Hasan Bin Sabah as its leader. Later they were called as Shi’a by Muslim thinkers, particularly members of Sunnah. Shiites are in conflict with Islam. Shi’a factions are always working hard to infiltrate and fraud in addition to the false teachings of Islam and subsequently considered by true Muslims.

The third, the Sunni scholars have failed to see these events in a rational and considered what happened to the family of the prophet as a specific and special; without analyzing logically to distinguish the true and false, and which, even many among them (daayah trapped with the hypocrites by the Shi’a) to receive false stories as true and thus distribute in their speech and writing. Consequently, the public member of the sunnah, without conscious, have to recognize things that nonsense created by the Shi’a and it remains to this day.

However, there are many Sunni scholars and the public  to differentiate between true and false. They totally against the stories created by the Shia either in lectures or written by them. Although they are unable to delete these poisonous lies completely, they have succeeded in providing clear guidelines for future generations.

Fourth, has been enshrined in the history that the Jewish clergy have to amend the holy verses of the Torah (Talmud) and the Bible/Gospel (Injil). They also have tried to amend the Quran but failed because the Quran are the verses comes from Allah Almighty. However, they have succeeded in adding stories Israiliyat in interpretings the Quran.

Hopefully, this may answer all questions inside every peoples mind and this articles can be a good references for all. I’m not so called ulama or scholar, i’m just normal person who love my faith and my interest. I just speak the truth and spread the good things for all human beings. If there’s a mistakes, it’s only for me and all the goodness coming from God. May God bless us all.

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