The Shortest And The Longest

What post i’m gonna blog now? Don’t ever distracted by the title. This isn’t talking about someone’s “stuff”. It’s all about these 2 videos which i found on youtube. Youtube will never lost his charisma on giving people lots of info and sometimes great info/entertainment.

This is the shortest video i ever watch:

I should congratulates this guy for making me feel “bored” at the first place. The second one i think is the longest video ever on youtube. More longest than any movies you ever watch, and more longer than any longer thing you ever touch (excluding highways or any airplane journey).

Now it’s time for you to congratulates yourself. You just wasted about 4 hours 36 minutes 03 seconds of your life watching this “dumb” (as saying) video.

And for those who love to put a “distraction” on their blogpost by putting an attracted titles to make people come read it but actually you posted a pile of shite… FUCK YOU!! I just hate it.. sometimes i love to read if the title for real. There’s lots of people out there getting pissed with this “distraction”. You better working with tabloid like Mangga or any kind of craps. I hate tabloids. This is also my main point i posted these 2 videos. I think the guy who made these more better thinking than yours.

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