Bored to Death

I’m sick again… and just recover… it happened after Welcome To Hell gig… i enjoyed the gig as much i did MC in it… sorry i don’t take any photos during the gig only some photos i leeched from Mike’s and Chello’s photo blog.

Bazooka X 
Some “friend” just ask me and ask me about my wrong doing to him, and asking for my apology.. wtf! I never did anything wrong to him.. the problem with him was, he was drunk during the gig.. next time, don’t ever ask me if i’m doing wrong with you and you was drunk. As long as i know, i never say bad things about you…although your gf kept asking me about your “kayu tiga” activity last year, i still keep it as a secret from her.. 
ang ilang mga tao lamang dont gustong maging nagpapasalamat para sa kung ano ang kanilang ngayon ..

Friday Night Ends 

It makes me feel bored sometimes for some people mentality here. If you wanna know something, if i feel “bengang” with someone, i only put the mark on him/her alone and not with other peoples. I can see, that i already being removed from his facebook list, it’s okay for me. You just made my work easier. So, you not going to be removed by me. 
And as usual, i’ll never promise again i’m gonna back you up on your gf anymore. Because i’m just don’t like lying on good person like your gf. If she ask me, i may say it in very good manner. And you know how to react afterwards. 
Shoegaze For Neptune 
Back to the gig, i think this is the most peaceful gig and no one wanna show they’re the most strongest person ever this time. Because the organiser Army Of Friends already gave a very strict warning to the crowd. Anyone trying to show their strenght this time, may end-up at IPD Karamunsing. Nice work guys.
Eyes Full Of Insects 
This will make people always wanna shows up at every gig.. they want peaceful environment (no fighting!). They don’t care if the music sounds violent and the actions look violent. But they enjoy it.
Make other prouds on us.. and we may smile in a very long years to come.

Many thanks also to KK Bandwith Street Press for covering the “real” underground gig here in KK. You can get the February, 2010 issue with Pisschrist interview by download it for free from their webpage.
Pisschrist a very great crust core band from Australia with a Malaysian singer (Yeap) with them.
I really hope more magazine can cover the bands and real musicians here in Sabah. But, i always love supporting “underground” fanzine. And i feel really bored with all the “underground” people who says they support this extreme music but know nothing. At the end, they may end-up listening to some “jellyfish” music.
A Million Evil Faces
I plan to get my self fly again and this time, destination will be Philippines and New Zealand (unconfirm on NZ but Pinas for sure yes) ako gusto upang matugunan ang aking syota ko doon…

Now still feel bored…but the results for Liverpool vs Blackburn Rovers may cheer me up afterwards… go go go Liverpool… 

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