Sometimes Human May Act In Disgusting Way

We’re human aka homo-erectus… a great creation of God that being envied by Satan until he being ditched from Heaven and will try manipulate us a human until the end of day..

The country has being shocked by 2 incidents happened to a baby named Syafiah Humairah Sahari and after a week which last Wednesday, another baby, Hareswara dies in the hand of the abuser. The baby was a freelance film producer, A. Kari Galam.

The question, what happened with us? I know we share 95.5% DNA similarity with chimpanzee but what the chimps don’t have, is desire and intelligency. But what’s wrong with us?

Maybe, we can find the answer from inside ourselves. As the news were broadcasts on TV, i’m at the public place and most of the crowd just laughed when they watching the news. Now i know, some of us really had a higher animals genes. I just look at the “happy” face with news and some of them say “padan muka”. If not because of my flu, i already give them the best “pile-driver” that they’ll never forget in their life.

I never agree such violent act like this. The baby or toddler a human-being too for godsake. Don’t they ever think about this?

I was grew up in a very modern-traditional family, which i must say everything in 50/50. My families will never abuse their child or baby because it’s a very shameful act and a great “sin” for us.

Same goes with abortion. Anyone of you ever do this, i want you to repent before it’s too late. And let’s God give you the answer later on what you did or as if your pray being answer. I never supported child abuse, war, murder or abortions. I tell you all once again, i hate these stuff. I really give 200% supports if “hukum hudud” being practice here in this country, Malaysia.

Some may say, it’s a barbaric rules or law to human being. I think people who may say this only bunch of people who really love to commit wrong doing and also a really “high” IQ people… May God bless their souls. I think they rather supporting this social epidemic than help to prevent them.

Researchers have identified a number of factors associated with the physical abuse of a child, such as the characteristics of individuals who abuse and the characteristics of families in which child abuse occurs. In the United States less than 10 percent of child abuse is committed by non-family members ( Juvenile Justice Bulletin 1999). Obviously, the non-family abuse rate may be higher in countries such as Sri Lanka where conscription into the military and child prostitution are greater problems (de Silva 2001). In addition, in the United States only 3 percent of child maltreatment occurs at day care facilities or other institutions (Prevent Child Abuse America 1997). This rate may be higher in countries such as Romania (Muntean and Roth 2001) and Russia where institutional abuse of children has been identified as a serious problem (Berrien, Safonova, and Tsimbal 2001).

There is little cross-cultural data on differences in harm to victims of child neglect and abuse in different countries. However, when one looks at studies from different countries there are a number of similarities. In general, empirical studies indicate that various forms of child maltreatment negatively affect the victim’s development physically, intellectually, and psychosocially ( Kempe and Kempe 1978; Mullen et al. 1993). Child victims of neglect and/or abuse are 1.75 times more likely to experience posttraumatic stress disorder as adults compared to individuals who did not experience neglect and/or abuse (Widom 1999). In addition, child victims are more likely to experience depression, attachment difficulties, and low self-esteem (Kolko 1996). A Canadian study found that a history of child abuse was one of the leading predictors of psychological problems in adulthood (Mian, Bala, and MacMillan 2001). Many studies also indicate the long-term effects of maltreatment given the carry-over from one generation to the next (Zuravin et al. 1996).

Furthermore, there are particular risks and harm associated with certain types of abuse, which are more prevalent in certain countries. For example, in addition to the negative outcomes discussed above, conscription into the military carries with it the risk of physical injury or death. Being forced to work as a prostitute significantly increases the chance of becoming infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. In India, which has a very high rate of child labor, children are often forced to work in dangerous conditions at exhausting hours ( Segal 2001).

Finally, in addition to the harm of neglect and abuse to the individual child, there is also a broader harm or cost to society as a whole. Researchers have established a link between experiencing neglect and abuse as a child and engaging in illegal and delinquent behaviors as a teenager and adult (
Widom 2001).

Sometimes, i feel that i’m agree with the Darwin’s Theory but if we get back to the basic thing which refer to the first human, Adam, we can read the story of his son Qabil murdered his brother Habil. Some animals may carry same DNA like us but have they abuse or kill their own infants? Let us think.

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