Shroud Of False

We are just a moment in time,
A blink of an eye,
A dream for the blind,
Visions from a dying brain,
I hope you don’t understand

I know it’s hopeless… Seems these poetic words keep given me spirits to carry on.. I know, i will never make people understand me.. As i, will never fall for people who adoring false faith or belief. 
I shall say thanks to all the lies and for “killing” my feelings. It’s great to be frustrated. It’s great to be sad..  
The sadness sometimes makes people stronger in focus of their life.. I don’t say i’m lonely.. i always had God by my side.. I keep praising the “syukur” word…
One nite while i was meditate, suddenly i saw a vision..its like a future.. ohh my goodness.. i can’t live like that in the future.. i wanna live life.. 
Now, planning to go to Boracay Island end of this month.. if you don’t know where it is, google it.. thanks..

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