The Horn Sign:Tribute To Ronnie James Dio

I spent my time today and last night watching Dio concert. I managed to shot some photos of him and the band during action. Ah… maybe it can cure the pain inside me.  Ohh.. i missed this old guy that can be call uncle or grandpa by me. His voice really powerful.

If people say that his nothing… maybe the person just a kid (being called poseur by some extreme metalhead). He is a legend and his tone really great. Even Dave Coverdale (Whitesnake) really respect him as one of great rocker of all time.
The Horn sign from the crowd

i spotted Maggi Q
I am sweating while watching the concert i don’t know why. Maybe it’s the negative energy from the symbol… i’m talking about the horn sign. Do you know Ronnie James Dio the actual person popularized the devil horn sign? I guess you don’t know.
I’m really dig his music and vocal for a long time. This is a brief history about him. Ronnie James Dio is a name which figures prominently, a sort of godfather of the whole strange genre. Among other (more musical) accomplishments, Ronnie is the man who created the “devil horns” sign (not a satanic symbol, but actually his Sicilian granny’s ward against the evil eye), internationally recognized gesture of metalness. And for fans of the actual music, Ronnie’s presence as frontman on three legendary records has forever cemented his position in the genre:
1-Rainbow-Rising (1976)
2-Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell (1980)
3-Dio-Holy Diver (1983)
Each of these 3 records proved both a milestone for each of those bands, and milestones for heavy metal/hard rock as a whole. That’s the story, he used to play somekind like trumpet during his childhood.. maybe a trombone. 
Rudy Sarzo gave his “salutation” to the crowd
Well, this isn’t a concert i attend, i only watched the DVD at home. And, Ronnie James Dio, passed away on Sunday (use to be yesterday if according to Malaysia time, it’s Sunday in US). 
Not everyone can be like him… like Dave Coverdale, and lots more who still alive today, hope they can be in good health.. as for us, stay away from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. It may kill you. REST IN PEACE RJD \m/

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