Congrats To Both Of You.

This post actually dedicated to Daniel Franklin Gomez and Emelda Vincent which both of them are the owner of blog and Both of them has been successfully got married after met each other on blogosphere few years ago.

Who said blogger can’t find their match on the net? This is a proof that true LOVE is everywhere and it need a patience and good tips especially from Mr. Daniel himself.. hahahaha. He is the expert. Bro, i salute you 200%.

Here some photos i caught after the Mass:

Well, i’ve been invited to their wedding mass at Sacred Heart today (22nd May 2010), at 11.00 am. There’s not many crowds came to see Emelda walking on the aisle. maybe most of them still working and busy except us. The mass ended at near 1.00 pm and their 1st wedding reception took place at Pusat Kebudayaan, Penampang, Sabah. It’s a big hall with nice air-conditioning. I suggest everyone in KK area make their reception there.

Actually, they had a 2nd wedding reception in Berringis Beach Resort, Papar at this time. It’s only few kilometers from my place but since i’m not invited there, what to say lah… and i promoted that wedding reception to most of don’t wanna come on the 1st reception.

A photos taken at the Pusat Kebudayaan:

Punyalah sedap their punya masakan… i love it.. (Massy, you missed the daging)

But anyway congrats to both of you and may get lots of children in the future…. (hehehehe). For those that not attend their 1st reception… *rugi* coz most of the foods taste really good… (4 thumbs up for the catere. I think something called like Sidik in Penampang area.) Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

(p/s: i try to upload the videos during the wedding mass… but my connection slow for the time being.. uwaaaaaa)

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