Chukang: A Controversial Short Story

I got the movie link via my friend Fiq. He said chukang and chukang again… and laugh… so i said what is it? He gave me the link. Ahh.. a short movie by our local Malaysian. When i make a little bit research about it, there’s some story that the director being threatened by some “bapa ayam” from KL area because of their businesses being raid continuously by the authority.

What is Chukang? Not Phua Chu Kang ahhh (a comedy sitcom from Singapore). But according to the synopsis of the story, it tale about a guy named Azlan, who living in a dire straits in the middle of Kuala Lumpur metropolitan. I bet this story will never shows on TV because of Malaysian stupid regulations on “making” creativity. 
Watch the story… down here but first, i hope you dont mind just to switch off the radio down-below at the right column.

Part 1

Part 2

This kinda short story can be a base for a cinema or film (demo being called by musician before their full-length album). No one realize this sort of story can create a tremendous story in the future if theres no stupid rules in our country. For example in US, SAW (It’s by Malaysia-borned director James Wan) which started as a short story only in his course work during college in Australia. Same goes with District-9 a short story from Africa.

Another great short story i wanna share here, titled Strangers.

But, before i end this, what is the meaning of Chukang anyway?

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