Put Music On Your FB Apps Tutorial

You have FB account but look dull without some music. If there’s music you can listen with your friends it’ll be merrier. Here i share some applications for all of you to follow. Its developed by some Indonesian on FB… Read the step below and you may find this interesting.

*Google Chrome Bug!

If you are using google chrome web browser, if you can not listen to the sound and playing songs, you should use another web browser, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera, Safari, etc

1. CLICK the following link http://apps.facebook.com/musikgw/ allow direct clicks.

2. after that click “Include in profile” / “Add to Profile” and add / add

3. you will be brought to the FB profile, click on “keep” the music player you have installed …

4. now back to the apps, add your favorite song .click edit playlists on the player, write the name of singer,    band or favorite song title (The list quite big you may find many songs inside the list)

5. after looking for your favorite songs by pressing the “search music” there will be a song list of search results

6. click the arrow to add the song in the playlist

7. after you installed the songs in a playlist click the “save playlist”

8. now you have the singing FB profile… congrats

You can edit your list anytime you want and change the songs. Its up to you if you wanna change it 100 times a day… its your PC/Laptop and electricity.

*Additional Tips

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